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The plant of “MORINDA CITRIFOLIA” (of the family Rubiaceae) grows abundantly all year round in the South Pacific (TAHITI and its islands) and some other tropical countries. It produces a rather remarkable fruit that Tahitians commonly call “NONO” but which is better known throughout the world as “NONI”. The tree of Morinda Citrifolia grows wild or cultivated and can reach up to 5 meters in height.

Some people claim that the fruit of NONI looks like a big potato with “eyes”. In fact, it is the small cells produced by the flower of NONI that weld together to create the fruit and that bumpy appearance.

Noni, named Morinda Citrifolia by botanists, belongs to the family Rubiaceae: It is a small tree of 3 to 6 m evergreen native of Polynesia (Tahiti), and the ‘India. In the wild, the yellow-green fruit, whitish when ripe, recognizable by its smell and particular taste, has a cycle of 3 to 4 months. Very common in the Pacific islands, Polynesians use its fruits, leaves and roots, in traditional use. It is now recognized as one of the riches of their islands, a true concentrate of energy and vitality.
The Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice *:
They are numerous according to the Tahitians and according to the thousands of testimonies received for the past 15 years by more and more followers. It must also be recognized that if the juice of NONI was not as effective, it would be long ago that it would have joined the long list of other products “in vogue” which disappoint the consumers by their lack of results!
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Providing you have a rich and varied diet and daily physical activity, nutritional needs can to be filled. Nevertheless, during stress, illness or heavy treatment, an imbalance between dietary intake and micronutrient needs (vitamins, trace elements, etc.) is often observed, which can lead to a disturbance of the vital functions of the patient. organization. In prevention or support, it is possible to fill these deficiencies and rebalance its metabolism by using single or combined plants (food supplements) reputed to provide the body with a supplement of suitable nutrients.

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has demonstrated for more than 2000 years all its capabilities to offer consumers a very wide spectrum of nutrients to respond to its different imbalances. Oral traditions gathered from healers report that Polynesians use the fruit of Noni as the main ingredient of all their medicinal preparations and that they use it to treat the different imbalances of the body. Finally, the noni fruit juice provides the body with a natural and complete contribution of a whole synergistic and balanced range of enzymes and nutrients present in their original form. The juice of Noni would lead to a natural harmonization of the functions of the body.


To get ALL its benefits … Without the addition of sugar from other useless ingredients that are contrary to the integrity of this remarkable remedy!

  • To have the opportunity to drink NONI 100% PURE juice or add your own choice of flavors, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.
  • To be 100% sure of what’s in your glass with your own dosage of flavors or fruit juice, if that’s your choice.

Most NONI juices sold on the market are made from pulp concentrate diluted in a lot of water and flavors. These mixes that we call the “NONI COCKTAILS” are made for their low cost of production but are sold at the same price and often even more expensive than the real juice of NONI 100% PUR while being less effective.
The TAIITI NATURAL NONI juice is a 100% PUR juice. The fruit is naturally pressed and the only juice of the first pressure is recovered.


Noni is found throughout the tropical zone. Nevertheless, it seems that the variety produced in French Polynesia is particularly rich because of the quality of the soil and the environment. On most islands of the Polynesian archipelagos, nature has remained virgin and traditional farming methods. The air, the water and the earth possess a force and a wealth directly transmitted to the plant which, in turn, restores them. They contribute to produce unique fruits, rich in nutrients, minerals and trace elements.
Directly from the farm to the bottle, the fruits of Noni are grown on the rich volcanic and coral lands of Polynesia, guaranteeing freshness and quality. Noni juice from TAHITI NATUREL is obtained from fresh fruits harvested by hand, grown and pressed in the respect of organic farming, certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-O1.

Our Polynesian biotope! The almost constant ideal climate of the islands of Tahiti where the temperature varies very little during the year – between 25 ° and 27 ° -, the essential humidity to the maintenance of the local ecological system brought regularly by the short but effective seasons of the rains, the Volcanic soil extremely rich in minerals and nutrients coral islands and the natural decomposition of an abundant and varied flora, produce a nourishing and renewed fertilizer. These are the essential factors and these major assets in an ideal environment that some rightly call “Paradise” which produce in abundance succulent and sweet fruits to perfection, flowers with dazzling colors and intoxicating scents, and amazing medicinal plants. such as the fruit of NONI which has forged itself an international reputation by its extraordinary virtues.


TAHITI NATURAL has been based in TAHITI for 25 years. We have also been present on the American and Japanese market since 1997 with TAHITI NATUREL USA and in Europe through TAHITI NATUREL France since 2004.
Our production standards: Ensuring superior quality and transparency.

  • Fruits certified “organic farming,” picked at term and matured in optimal conditions.
  • Naturally unfermented pressed fruits from which we recover the only juice of the first pressure. 100% Pure Non-concentrated juice, without any added, cut or reconstituted, TAHTI NATUREL Noni Juice is a product that meets the highest quality standards.
  • A natural stabilization, without preservative, by “Flash Pasteurisation” preserving the organoleptic qualities of the juice.
  • A microbiological analysis carried out systematically on each batch for a traceability of the quality of the product.
  • The use of amber glass bottles limiting the effect of oxidation over time.
THREE STEPS OF MATURITY! The fruit of NONI goes through three stages of maturity:

  1. The green step when the fruit is hard like stone. (An anecdote also tells that green NONI were used frequently as projectiles by the Tahitians who attacked their opponents during the tribal wars of yesteryear.)
  2. The yellow stage (mid-ripeness) where the fruit is still firm,
  3. The final “white or gray” stage of maturity when the fruit is very soft and difficult to pick because it is full of juice and can easily crush.

NONI Juice has always existed in the traditional consumption of Tahiti but it is only since 1995 that it has been marketed worldwide, first in the USA then in Asia and more recently in Europe because it is subject to a mandatory sales authorization.

Used commonly in the local pharmacopoeia of Tahiti, the NONI juice is actually an effective “fruit juice”. However no international legislation in force allows to present it under its true identity. To date, NONI juice is therefore marketed worldwide as a “food supplement” with labeling accordingly.


For optimal efficiency, the juice of Noni is taken at the rate of 30 ml per day (2 to 3 tablespoons) in the morning fasting preferably over a period of 2 months ideally.


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