Unlike other body moisturizers, Monoi de Tahiti is very concentrated.
It only takes a few drops to moisturize the whole body and the results are immediate. 


Monoï de Tahiti  is ideal for all skin types but is particularly effective for dry skin. The best use is in immediate application, after showering or bathing, when the skin is still wet. For best results, do not wipe. Spread a few drops of Monoi de Tahiti in the palm of your hand, rub and apply from head to foot. Repeat if necessary and insist in particular on the driest places such as elbows, legs and feet (not to mention the nails). Perform a light massage until the Monoi is completely absorbed by the skin, which becomes satiny and soft like silk. Sponge any excess with a dry absorbent towel. If your skin is particularly dry, like the ‘crocodile skin effect’ Monoi de Tahiti is the ideal moisturizer for you. Used regularly, several times a day, it will return its softness, suppleness and natural beauty to your skin.


Thanks to its 100% natural plant origin, Monoï de Tahiti is totally compatible with any skin, especially if it is dry or wrinkled. Monoï de Tahiti deeply moisturizes and softens the skin, making it look younger and more attractive. Pour one or two drops on the tips of your fingers and gently apply on the face by tapping lightly. Remove any excess with a soft cloth. It is then possible to use your makeup after the application of Monoi de Tahiti. For the night, use only Monoi de Tahiti, after cleansing your skin thoroughly.

If your skin is oily do not use monoi de Tahiti


The beauty of Tahitian women is legendary. Their magnificent shiny hair is particularly famous. Their secret lies in the use of Monoï de Tahiti, which they often use as a repairing treatment (pre-shampoo) to nourish the hair. Simply heat your bottle of Monoi de Tahiti under a trickle of hot water (do not use a microwave). Apply generously to all your hair especially if it is dry or damaged by frequent use of chemical agents. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and then with a towel to create a heat effect that will help the process of deep care. Leave on for at least 30 minutes or longer if desired, or keep overnight if hair is very dry or heavily damaged, taking care to protect your pillow. Wash your hair thoroughly (at least twice for oily hair, once for dry hair) and see the result! Your hair is soft, supple and shiny.


Monoï de Tahiti  is the natural ingredient of aromatherapy par excellence. To create a pleasant moment of relaxation in a relaxing bath, pour a few drops of Monoï de Tahiti in the hot water that immediately releases the delicate and enchanting fragrance of the Gardenia flower.


Monoï de Tahiti  is an ideal ingredient for use in body massage, especially after bathing or showering, or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation and relaxation after a long day of stress. 


Often neglected, our feet and hands are our most precious tools. To improve the appearance of your feet, let them soak in a hot bath by adding a few drops of Monoi de Tahiti to soften the skin and soften the calluses. Dry and massage with a little Monoi de Tahiti or Tahitian Monoï balm for a deep treatment. If your feet or hands are very damaged, we recommend the application of a treatment before bedtime, as follows: Apply generously Monoi de Tahiti or Monoï de Tahiti balm :
– for the hands: cover them with plastic gloves and cotton gloves,
– for the feet: wrap them in a plastic film and put on socks.

Leave on overnight and wash thoroughly in the morning.

Repeat the process once or twice a month. You will be surprised and delighted with the results.


Monoï de Tahitifreezes (and sometimes unevenly) below 22 ° C. This is a natural process that does not affect its natural properties. To make it fluid, simply warm your bottle of Monoï de Tahiti under a trickle of hot water or keep it near a heat source in winter.



We also recommend the use of our “multi-purpose” Monoï de Tahiti balm. This particularly rich moisturizer effectively protects the skin from cracks or cold bites. Monoï de Tahiti balm is a natural product with various applications: to moisturize the body, to bring shine to your hair (gloss). To treat your hair (pre-shampoo repairing care). It is a “must” after a sunbath to rehydrate your dry skin and to prevent the formation of wrinkles.


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