TAHITI NATUREL is a Polynesian company created in 1994 to promote natural products whose ingredients come from the rich and fertile soil of the volcanic islands of Tahiti. We have also been present on the American market since 1997 with TAHITI NATUREL USA and in Europe since 2004 with TAHITI NATUREL France. Our products are distributed all over the world.
They come from the Polynesian flora famous for its power due to:

1. A unique terroir, coral and volcanic rich in nutrients.
2. A typiqye climate, ideally temperate for the region.

The goal of the TAHITI NATUREL society is to share the wisdom and the ancient knowledge of the inhabitants of the enchanting islands of Tahiti with the almost perfect annual climate where the inhabitants still prefer today Nature and its plants to stay in good health.

The TAHITI NATURAL society was founded on the fundamental principle that awareness of good health is the first step towards its completion. This results in the direct result of a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet with organic products, a regular body activity that includes any movement such as active walking, de-stressing disciplines such as yoga. , meditation, Tai Chi and regular massage and body care.


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